Welcome To TxVCA

TxVCA was formed in 2004 by a group of Texas venture capital firms who were concerned about legislation being proposed for the 2005 Texas Legislature that would require venture capital firms to disclose proprietary information to the state — information that would have eliminated venture capital in Texas. TxVCA successfully defeated this effort and has served as the voice of the Texas venture capital industry ever since.

What is TxVCA?
TxVCA is a 503(c)(6) non-profit state association representing the venture capital firms doing business in Texas. The association maintains an experienced staff and an office located near the State Capitol.

What is the purpose of the association?
Increasingly, venture capital firms are coming under the regulation of national and state regulatory agencies. While venture capital firms can rely on NVCA to represent them on national issues, they also need an organization to protect their interests at the state level. TxVCA was formed for that purpose - to focus exclusively on the relevant legislative and regulatory issues affecting venture capital in the state of Texas.

What does TxVCA do?
TxVCA represents the venture capital industry before the Texas Legislature and the Texas State Securities Board by pursuing legislation and regulatory proposals that benefit venture capital and opposing harmful legislation and regulation. In addition, the association enhances the image of venture capital firms in the public and political arena, serves as a information source to its members and the media, and provides a forum for networking among its members.

The association maintains an experienced staff in Austin to monitor and track legislative and regulatory proposals affecting venture capital firms and to represent members before the Texas Legislature and various state agencies. Membership dues pay for expenses incurred by the association to:

  • Monitor, track, analyze, and inform members of legislative activities before the Texas Legislature and regulatory activities before the Texas State Securities Board that affect venture capital firms operating in Texas.

  • Represent the interests of members before the Texas Legislature by pursuing legislation that benefits venture capital and opposing legislation that is harmful to the industry.

  • Represent the interests of TxVCA members before the Texas State Securities Board and other state regulatory agencies on proposed rulemakings and regulatory proceedings affecting the operation of venture capital firms by pursuing changes in the regulations that will benefit venture capital and opposing changes that are harmful.

  • Provide a forum for members to network and exchange ideas, concepts, and information.

  • Provide state legislative and regulatory information to members that affects the operation of venture capital firms in Texas, and other information of interest to members.

  • Advocate the position of members through the media and enhance the public image of the venture capital industry.

  • Member participation in developing association positions on legislative and regulatory issues and provide important input on public policy matters affecting venture capital.

  • Members also receive regulatory and legislative information that helps them lawfully operate in Texas. This information is disseminated to the membership through an electronic newsletter, this web site, and direct emails from the staff.

  • Also, TxVCA conducts meetings from time-to-time as determined by the Board of Directors to provide members as opportunity to discuss problems and issues facing venture capital firms, and exchange ideas and information.

TxVCA Update

UPDATEAll TxVCA members receive the association's e-newsletter - TxVCA UPDATE - whenever there is breaking news concerning the Texas Legislature, the Texas State Securities Board, and important association business. If it affects you, TxVCA UPDATE will send the facts straight to your inbox.

This is a free service to all company personnel, so please make certain everyone in your company who wants to receive this e-communication has their current email address on file with the association.

Board of Directors

TxVCA is a non-profit association owned and operated by its members and governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership.

Blair Garrou
Blair Garrou
TxVCA Presdient
Mercury Fund

Clint Bybee

Clint Bybee
ARCH Venture Partners

Tom Inman
Limestone Capital Advisors